About Us

Keystone Advising is a blog created and supplied with content by two Kenyon College students: Cody Keenan (right) and Saxon Justice (left). The pair created this blog with the intentions of putting their ideas about  global policy as well as equity research out there for the world to see.img_3604

Cody is an avid reader as well as a political junkie. He enjoys writing book reviews and providing commentary on recent political developments. A former captain of the football team at Kenyon, Cody played middle linebacker alongside Saxon for four years.

Saxon is infatuated with the global markets. He enjoys researching and formulating predictions about stocks and commodities given current and past market conditions. His experience in the markets dates back to 2012, when Saxon began managing a paper portfolio with a focus on learning fundamental and technical trading. Lookout for his weekly market updates, as well as future forecasts for equities and commodities.